Friday, 11 December 2015

It's moving day!

Well the day has finally come and we are officially moving home. Not only is this a new home for me, but it's also an opportunity for a brand new start in life. I'm moving out of a space I associate with so many mistakes and poor living. I control who I am and who I become. So now is my chance to reshape that.

New home changes

Better money management
Quality over quantity
Eat well
Spend more time with those I love
Choose happiness

Sunday, 6 December 2015

The end is near

So we've been told we can complete on our new home this week! We're very excited, stressed and tired. We're trying to think practically though. We are moving over four days with a full move at the weekend. We've used gumtree to source many of the bits we need in a view to saving serious money. I've also taken a couple of extra days off work to recouperate and relax given how much pressure this has put on my mental and physical health.

I think we will be offline for a while but once we are reconnected I want to focus on the blog again and do what I intended.

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