Thursday, 21 January 2016

A treat from The Treat Kitchen

Please note this is not a sponsored post. I genuinely adore The Treat Kitchen and wanted to share this lovely local business with you.

We are big fans of giving the boys an allowance. They receive 50p for every year of their age. They spend this money however they choose, but they also understand that they don't receive other treats outside of birthdays or Christmas. We also fine bad behaviour!

This weekend we took them to The Treat Kitchen. The eldest purchased two bags of their Radioactive Sours at £1.95 per bag. THEY WERE SOUR! I couldn't manage even one of them. Eldest loved them, however, and they last ages as he can only cope with one at a time.

The Youngest had a bag of Dolly Mixtures also £1.95. They were good! Really nice flavour. He loved them (and so did I!)

I had some chocolates! I bought four packs for £10. They were all delicious.

My favourite treat was these:

I love mojitos and these chocolates did not disappoint! I ate all six in one sitting.  Ooops.

Treat Kitchen offers free shipping on orders over £40. Alternatively in you live in the East Midlands you could pop into one of their three fantastic stores.


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