Sunday, 17 January 2016

Aldi Super 6

Well we're back to root vegetables in Aldi's Super 6, however this week the prices are higher and vary per product:

  • Baking potatoes - 49p per pack
  • Lemons - 59p per pack
  • Swede - 59p each
  • Red onions - 59p per pack
  • Parsnips - 59p per pack
  • Chantenay carrots - 59p per pack
I imagine we will purchase at least one of each.  The potatoes will be great with some blue cheese and maybe a home-made chilli jam, red onions are brilliant in a variety of dishes, carrots, swede and parsnips will be good for roast dinners and stews, and lemons to make home-made lemonade, as well as adding to risottos and pasta dishes.

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