Sunday, 10 January 2016

Extreme (not) couponing

So I'm addicted to Extreme Couponing on TLC.  I Tivo it and watch on a lazy afternoon.  Today I was watching in envy as these men and women made huge savings on their groceries.  In the UK extreme couponing is incredibly difficult due to a lack of manufacturer coupons, very few stores to choose between, and heavy restrictions on coupon use.  There is one solution, however.  Approved Food.

Approved Food is an online store that sells products the are close to or past their best before date.  The best before date is different to the use by date as it is an estimate of when the product is past it's peak quality.  Consuming this product beyond that date will have no bearing on your health.  In fact the government have even discussed removing this date to reduce food wastage.

You can made huge savings on Approved Food if you use it the right way.  When I shop there I literally browse every product except for the pets section (I have no pets so it would be a waste of my time). I go for products that have combined sale reductions, with large percentage savings versus the manufacturer's RRP.  Crate offers are also incredibly value.  Approved Food regularly change their products and offers so it's worth checking at least once a month to see what's on sale.

Here is what I purchased today:

  • 8x Apple & Pear Capri Suns
  • Case 15 mini brunch mixes
  • 6 bottles of Pig in a Poke white wine
  • 3x 6 pack burger buns
  • 3x Bisto vegetable stock melts
  • 3x Tomato and garlic cooking sauces
  • Case 16 sieved tomatoes with chilli
  • 6x bags Cheetos
  • 6x herb steam packs for vegetables
  • 3x jars mayo
  • 6x bags Kettle Chips
  • 8x chopped dill
  • 6x Enchilada spice mixes
  • 3x Tomato Ketchup
  • 3x packs of 8 tortilla wraps
  • 6x sausage casserole mixes
  • 3x Soreen orange fruit loaves
  • 3x Lemon and ginger stir fry sauces
  • 3x cases 8 cracker drinks
  • 3x Del Monte juice cartons
  • 4x bottles Vitamin Water
  • 2x Organic UHT milk
  • 3x Cracker drinks juice cartons
  • 1x Hob cleaner

My total RRP was £216.65 including delivery.  I paid £59.80, a 72% savings.  I have space ready to start a stockpile that I can add to with £50-60 a month.  This should gradually reduce my weekly grocery bill.  I'm really please I took the time to go through the site in full, enabling me to get the best offers for my family.

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