Friday, 8 January 2016

Highlights of this week

So the week has come and gone, it's been a mixture of high points and low points.

  • The eldest son and I started family therapy - it was cute and emotional, but overall a success.
  • He also celebrated his birthday, we had white chocolate cake and a few gifts.
  • I signed up for Flylady Premium and met my mentor who is absolutely lovely and set me going on my before be routine.
  • We held our first dinner party, it was very informal and lovely to see our friends.
  • A friend of mine is getting married and had invited me to her hen-party. It sounds like lots of fun and is not the usual second mortgage require hen-party!
  • Meal-planning went well for all but one day (when I forgot to get the pork out of the freezer). We've had some great meals within our budget.
  • Hubby is considering going back to school with a view to teaching a STEM subject. We're currently looking over his options.
  • We've been clearing out the old house, which is exhausting, but makes it all the more wonderful coming home to our new place!
  • The youngest has now moved up to a new reading level, which he's incredibly proud of!

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