Wednesday, 6 January 2016

This week for less

Hi!  This week for less is all about winter comforts.  It's actually not that cold here this winter, but it is miserable, dark and frequently raining so plenty of indoor fun is required.  So here's my list of gorgeous things to do for less.

  1. Mulled wine is priced down post Christmas.  I think I saw it at £2.50 in Asda the other day.  Grab a bottle and enjoy in front of your favourite TV show.
  2. Get out the kids' activity books, pens and crayons and spend time with them at the dining table talking and doing activities all afternoon.
  3. Watch a movie on TV with homemade popcorn and hot chocolates under a blanket.
  4. Use those gifted bubble bath sets for warm bathtime bliss in the evening.
  5. Spend time reading your favourite book or bible passages with a glass of Merlot (Aldi sell a great Merlot for £3.15 a bottle).
  6. Make a big batch of soup from your leftover vegetables and serve with home made bread.
  7. Watch Poirot on TV/Netflix
  8. Have a pyjama day with the kids!
  9. Make a huge brunch for the family
  10. Throw a dinner party for friends (using budget friendly recipes)

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