Sunday, 31 January 2016

This week in a blog post

Well it's been a week of highs and lows. Sadly hubby was laid off this week with only a one month severance package. This will take us to the end of March though which is better than we planned for.
He has been to an employment agency that specializes in schools and had a positive experience with them so we hope he will be starting a new career very soon.
I went school hunting on Thursday and found an adorable church school with small class sizes and polite children. I applied for the boys to move at the end of this month.
We also invested in our stockpile by way of Approved Food, stocking up on over £380 worth of product at a cost of less than £100. This has set us up well for some potentially tough months.
I started the week stressed and unwell, I'm ending it confident and getting better. I'm sat this morning relaxing in my tidy living room enjoying a coffee before breakfast. Life is what you make it, and despite me being thrown a number of challenges, I'm going to get back up and be amazing!


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